Monday, February 24, 2014

A little bit about me...

I am Meg and have been at ISM for 6 years now!  Time does go so fast-

Starting this school year, I started in a new position as MSMC teacher/librarian; previously I taught 6th grade English and Social Studies.

In the MSMC role, I hope to:

  • provide service and support to students and teachers
  • build relationships within the school
  • develop and support a school wide research and information literacy program
I think technology is very important in education, and I also feel that as educators, we have an obligation to intentionally teach not only technological skills, but also educate students in their obligations and responsibilities in using technology.

One of my most favorite spots in the Philippines is Palawan- wow....  Picturesque rocks jut out of the sea, and you can stay in a hut on stilts right out in the ocean.  We stayed ay Miniloc, and when you dive off the pier, their are giant clownfish swimming all around you.  My husband and I got dropped on a private island for a day with kayaks to explore.  Around lunchtime, a launch arrived with a beautiful lunch with a tablecloth, umbrella, and chairs- just paradise...